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In recent years I’ve seen an increase in people who have come to see me for cannabis dependency.  The good news is that hypnotherapy can help people who want to quit and live a free, healthier and happier life.  I have successfully helped many people to quit this habit for good..


People turn to cannabis for various reasons. One particular reason is to get away from their problems. Occasionally, it’s a result of long term problems, such as panic and anxiety, depression, and problems relating with friends and family. The truth is that cannabis just distracts them from their problems for a brief period of time, but that time frame is often enough to form a dependency..


First, it’s important to understand what cannabis is and the way it is used. It can be found in quite a few different forms and with varying levels of potency. Including forms like cannabis oil, weed, skunk, hash or grass. They all come from the same plant, but the potency varies depending on the plant’s breed and how that plant was prepared to be used. Cannabis can be used by baking it into muffins, made into ‘tea’ or most frequently smoked with tobacco.


The leading outcomes of cannabis use are enhanced feelings of relaxation, decrease in pain levels and improved sleep. The social aspect cannabis smoking will often be a large part of any dependency, a lady I saw recently told me that all her friend do it and to give up would exclude her from her current social life. Then it is time to to create a new one!!.


There are other unwanted effects that are conveniently forgotten such as paranoia, panic and anxiety attacks, dizziness, nausea, tension, hallucinations, psychosis, short term memory loss and lack of coordination. Though a user might have noticed the adverse effects, both physically and mentally, they can still have difficulty when stopping. Sadly, it is only at this point that the cannabis user may understand they have become reliant.


Regardless of whether you eat, drink or smoke cannabis there are several physical symptoms that come with it. These may include increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, permanently impeded fertility in both sexes, permanent problems with short term loss of memory, lack of dexterity, loss of balance, and the increased possibility of developing a mental illness.


If you are struggling with a cannabis dependency you may understand all these risks, but you may also still end up surrendering to the drug. This is because the dependency presents itself in both the conscious and subconscious, making this a challenging battle to win without help. So if your cannabis use has started to go beyond your ability to control it, or you find that it’s having an increasingly negative influence on your life, then it’s important to seek help early.


The good news is that hypnosis may free you from a cannabis dependency. To begin with you should discuss your cannabis habits with your hypnotherapist to establish the proper form of therapy. By using hypnosis you can put together a more effective way of getting rid of the cannabis habit. Hypnotherapy techniques help you find ways to satisfy the underlying needs in a different, healthier way, so while it doesn’t remove dependency, it helps to divert and channel it more effectively. Why not take the initial step to change and look into hypnotherapy for cannabis dependency today?


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