Blog - Hypnotherapy for Children



I love working with children, they have a well developed sense of imagination and frequently imagine they are Harry Potter, their favourite football hero or film star or live in a magical world of elves and fairies. In this kind of state their minds are really creative and receptive to positive suggestions and can come up with solutions to problems. 

Usually children from ten upwards (sometimes several years younger too) are quite happy to close their eyes and relax and enjoy a guided daydream packed full of positive suggestions for them to ‘act out' in their imagination. Their sessions will always include positive suggestions for confidence and self-esteem whatever problem is being addressed – why not? 

Younger children can be reluctant to close their eyes and don't necessarily even relax very much at all in the way which is characteristic of adults; they just see / feel / hear things in their imagination as guided by the therapist. The process is more like engaging in active imagination games which they do with the greatest of ease. Ask them to see their problem as a shape or a colour and shrink it or change it, they just do it! Children spend half their lives in their imaginations and when I ‘work' with them in my consulting room I just get them to use their imagination in a positive way in order to help overcome their problems. 

In the case of very young children I will always encourage parents to stay in the room, especially for the first session, so a child will feel more at ease. It also puts your mind (as the parent) at ease to see that the process is safe and positive. Sometimes older children prefer to be on their own so I recommend you to have a chat with your child and go along with their preferences as even some younger children are quite happy on their own after a first or second session. Also remember that children mature quite differently and can often seem considerably older or younger than their chronological age. 

First of all we have a chat about the issue they have come for, just as I would with any new client. I always talk directly to your child rather than just ask you questions about them however and generally I ask you to let them answer for themselves rather than jumping in to help them. When I need extra information I usually ask them if it is ok now if I ask mum or dad a question to see what they think; in this way they are reassured that they are the important person in the room and their opinion counts. I will often ask you to tell me some of the things you really like and value about them. 

We talk about how things are now, how long they have been this way and how they would prefer to think, feel and behave instead. I ask them (and sometimes you) about the qualities they already have which will help them get over the problem. I will, of course, adapt my language to the age and interests of the child in question. 

Over the years I have helped children with confidence and self-esteem, bedwetting, thumb-sucking, tics and stuttering, anxiety, separation anxiety, bullying, new school worries, problems making friends and often in older children exam confidence, procrastination, motivation to study etc.

Treatment varies according to the problem and to the age of the child but will always include positive suggestions for confidence and guided imagery so that they vividly imagine themselves overcoming their problem with ease. They are encouraged to see, hear and feel themselves responding in a more appropriate way which seems right for them. 

If you would like to discuss your child and how I can help, then I look forward to hearing from you


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