Blog: Grief


Over the years I have helped many people through the grief process, people who feel lost, alone, abandoned angry, depressed and even suicidal.


Grief is a natural response to loss. This loss can be the death of a close relative or pet or it can be the breakup of a relationship.

We need to go through the grieving process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

Often people find it very difficult to get over a death or loss and move on with their lives.  This is where hypnotherapy can help you.


Time does often heal and you need to make sure that you allow yourself the time to mourn. Each person deals with grief in a different way and the time it takes for the pain to lessen will be different for each person also differs.


Often people suffer physical symptoms as well. Loss of appetite, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, feelings of numbness or loss of concentration and often bouts of rage.


Hypnotherapy can help you work through your grief if you are having difficulty processing the emotions. Just talking to someone else can help immensely. Each person will need an approach tailored to them and their needs and I have seen some amazing results over the years!


During your hypnotherapy session, I will help you through each of the grieving process stages and  find coping strategies for any difficulties you are experiencing such as anxiety or sleeplessness, as well as helping you deal with the emotions surrounding your loss.


Hypnosis also allows you to decide how you want to think about your loss so you can start remembering this person without all the painful feelings.


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