Blog - Mulitple Issues


I am often asked by clients how best to deal with multiple issues and my answer is always the same, let’s deal with them all together!

The thing is, if other parts of your life are dragging you down then no amount of work on one issue will truly get you where you want to be.

Take, for instance, my recent client who came to me for stress and anxiety. During the consultation, she spoke about her insomnia, but dismissed it as ‘another issue for another day’. I had to disagree. Without decent sleep, how can anyone truly feel better, and besides, better sleep = less stress and less stress = better sleep, so the answer is unfailingly to address all of a clients’ issues as a whole.

Often clients will come to me lose weight, but a full consultation always reveals other areas which contribute to their difficulty in this area. Poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, grief, childhood issues, depression and many others.

The fact is that people always consult me because they want to feel better, to be happy, and to my mind this can only be achieved by working on all areas that are preventing this.

My aim at the initial consultation is to really understand what makes a person ‘tick’; what do they want from life, what would they be doing if everything was good, how would they be feeling? I like to take my time during these consultations, to really get a client thinking about what they want. A little ‘pushing’ can suddenly reveal so much about their hopes and dreams. To date again, to have confidence for a better social life, change jobs, start a new course. Moving on is a recurring theme, to let go of past issues and have a fresh start. Whilst we cannot change our past, hypnosis can certainly help us view it differently, take the emotion out of it, freeing a person to move forward with optimism and an openness to experience what life has to offer.

Clients are often surprised at how much detail we go into, but I firmly believe that what they walk in the door wanting to discuss is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and that underneath is the other 90% that is so important to understand if we really want to make profound, life altering changes.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the bottom it……



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