Addictions Habits and Disorders

If you are looking at this page it is likely that there is something that you do that you hate doing but however hard you try you just can’t stop. Whether you are self-harming, nail biting, hair pulling or thumb sucking hypnotherapy can help you stop for good. If you smoke or take drugs, want to quit drinking or cut down on your drinking, if your gambling or spending is out of control then I can help.


Perhaps you are a compulsive liar or maybe your relationships fail because you habitually choose the wrong type of partner.


Whatever it is that you want to stop you can be sure I will have dealt with many clients with the same or similar issues and helped them quit for good.


See my blog on Cannabis Addiction (Aug 16)


Why not come along for a FREE initial consultation to see if you feel it is right for you?



*Dear Mandy, six months now without a drink and I feel healthy, happy and in control. I still socialise but I don’t need a drink to do it and I don’t think I ever will. Thank you so much.

J.T. Lenham


*Just thought I would update you as I am feeling very proud of myself. I never really thought I could make the changes we talked about but I have. The new me now has a new job, a new relationship and a brand new life! I will be sending everyone I know along for some of your magic!

Miss A. D. Ashford


*Disclaimer: Results May Vary From Person to Person












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