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Are you worried about your child? Perhaps they have a fear or phobia that is affecting them?

Maybe they are having problems at school, with bullying, confidence, making friends, settling in to a new school or with separation anxiety? Perhaps they have trouble with focus, exam nerves, apathy laziness or procrastination? Are they angry or shy or nervous?


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I have helped hundreds of children over the years and would be pleased to help your child too. Why not call me to discuss how I can help your child? It could be the best thing you ever do for them!



See my blog on Back to School issues (Sep 16) and Hypnotherapy for Children (Oct 16)



*Mandy!! What can I say!! Casey is a changed child, she has made friends and today, for the first time she told me she loves school now. She is arranging her first ever sleepover. I could cry with happiness. I won’t hesitate to recommend anyone I know for some of your special, caring and empathetic help!

Janet.  Kings Hill


*Dear Mandy, after five years dealing with his crippling dog phobia we can now walk past dogs with ease, go to the park, visit friends who have dogs and just live a normal life.

Alex’s Mum.  Medway


*Disclaimer: Results May Vary From Person to Person