About The Consultation


The initial consultation can take up to an hour, is free of charge and without obligation. This allows sufficient time for you to discuss your situation in detail and enables me to get a full picture of your situation and establish your expectations

At the end of the Initial Consultation I will explain to you what I feel can be achieved, how many sessions I would expect to see you for and answer any questions you have. Of course this will be a rough guide and will depend on your progress.


weight loss


At this point we can book your sessions in and I will explain to you the importance of feedback in between your appointments. This will assist me in the planning of your next session and is also beneficial for you to assess what is changing and what needs more help

You may have many issues that you deem 'unrelated' when in fact they are probably linked together. See my December blog on Multiple Issues























Bluebird Hypnotherapy is based Nr Maidstone (Kent) & Harley Street (London)