Weight Loss


Dieting makes you fat!

Well, although that is not entirely true, the process of dieting, losing weight, then going back to your old way of eating again leaves most people a little heavier each time they return to the ‘fat’ part of this cycle.

Sound familiar?

Hypnotherapy helps you break this cycle for good, because how you eat is a habit, whether you eat through comfort, or boredom, through stress, or just ‘mindlessly’ these patterns are ingrained in your subconscious and are so difficult to alter with will-power alone.

An initial consultation will get to the roots of your habit – what you eat, when and why and then a specific program will be tailored for you to help break the bad habits for good, and simply get you eating healthily for life, with more confidence more energy, and a happier, more positive frame of mind. Be who you want to be, who you deserve to be, and start living the life you want in the body you want to have


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* I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I would eat for both pleasure and comfort, and even though I always had a healthy variety of foods, I always overate and had an unhealthy relationship with cheese and pasta! I tried multiple diets, and even tried a personal trainer (with whom I actually gained weight), with either little success or with short lived results. Two years ago, my mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. This only increased my comfort eating habits, and in the space of one year, I gained more than two stone. I am comfortable with who I am, regardless of size, but due to my mothers health issues and a knee problem of my own, I was desperate to conquer my bad eating habits. I researched numerous hypnotherapists and had a bad taster session with one other therapist. After meeting Mandy, I felt that she was the most likely person who would help me to succeed with the issues regarding my weight, I immediately felt comfortable in her presence and was able to honestly confide my struggles. I visited Mandy in her Maidstone office, which was closest to my home, and was immediately relaxed as I drove up the path to the grand building where her office is situated (It reminded me of a house from the Jane Austen novels). I met Mandy in her office, which is divided into two sections, her main office and her treatment room. By having this separation, each room felt as though they each served a different purpose. We would begin the session in her main office by discussing my progress, issues that week, and recapping what I would like to work on specifically during the session etc. We would then proceed into the hypnotherapy treatment room to begin the hypnosis. This separation allowed me to positively associate the different aspects of the treatment to the different rooms, making the transition from being stressed to feeling calmer easier. The treatment room was smaller and cosy and Mandy immediately made me feel relaxed and calm. To be honest, I cannot remember much of what Mandy said during the hypnosis treatment, as I was quite comfortable under the warm blanket, listening to the soothing music. However I do know that it is the most relaxed I have felt, and I always came round with a beaming smile. As for the results, my parents who I live with have both noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount I eat and I feel a lot stronger in both my food choices and within myself. My clothes look so much better on me and I feel positive that I will continue to lose weight. Mandy is without doubt a highly trained and professional hypnotherapist who fully understands the difficulties one encounters with weight loss, and because of this she is both approachable and accommodating to each individuals wants and needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help with weight loss.

Hannah, Medway (March 2017)


*"After four appointments with you I had lost weight and in consequence became more confident in dealing with my customers. Furthermore, I have continued to lose weight at a slow but steady pace, I shall be recommending your services to my friends"

Mrs RW, Staplehurst, Kent


*"It has made a terrific difference to my attitude towards food – thank-you for giving me the key"

Mrs MH, Wrotham, Kent


*"Money well spent"

Mr JJ, Gillingham, Kent


*"I am please to tell you that I am still off cakes, biscuits and chocolate - the major block ie PMT issue did not even materialise, I was convinced I would be reaching for every chocolate bar in sight, but it was a breeze! Huge thanks for everything"

Mrs HN, Maidstone, Kent


*Disclaimer: Results May Vary From Person to Person


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